Does Lilith secretly hoard chibi's to glomp?


So glad I bought this book


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well shit i want to get asked character things too

You're class would be 'Main Character?'.

The Hero

Holy Crest: Mark of the Goddess. Calls forth a divine beam from above that smites enemies and heals the user.

Guided By Fate: The righteous hero of legend. Increased critical hit rate at all times.

Sword of Augus: Manifest the blade of light belonging to the gods. Powerful swing that hits multiple times.

A class for you? CQC/Hacker.


Sabotage: Temporarily reset an enemy’s elemental resistance and weakness values to 0.

Cross Counter: For one turn, assume a stance that evades melee damage and counters back.

Range Hack: Can only be used on enemies with ranged weapons. For 3 turns, weapon range reduced by 3 tiles, or until it has a range of 1 tile.


Pixel Bard

Sprite Shot: Shoot pixels that can target anything in musical range. Attack power based and sprite depends on instrument.

Pixelation Stanza: Accentuates the body’s pixels, increasing attack and evasion.

Anti-Alias Melody: Soothing tune that smooths away any status ailments in range. New ailments heal at the end of the turn if the song is still active.

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Bro Class :3c


Adventure Buddy

Fastball Special: Combination Attack with another party member. Increased damage if its with a corresponding bro.

Support Boost: Boost a party member’s attack and defense. Increased effect if its on a corresponding bro.

Fire-Forged Friendship: Stats increased by a percentage depending on the number of battles fought with the current party members.